Pergolas Adelaide Maintenance and Care Tips and Tricks

An outdoor pergola is an open structure that is used for shade and other purposes. It can come with folding arm canopies or climbing vines overtop. You can use it as a roof for a walkway or your porch. From these statements, it’s easy to conclude that it’s a beautiful outdoor structure that can be used for many applications. However, for it to fulfil its duties, you’ll need to make sure that you take good care of it. Follow these simple Creative Outdoors pergolas Adelaide maintenance tips and tricks.

Hose it Down

The primary way you can clean and maintain your pergola is to hose it down with cold water. We advise that you use a high-pressure water hose to eliminate any dirt that may be clinging on the surface. The pressure of the water coming from your hose can be adjusted depending on the type of material that you’re using for your pergola. Always start hosing downwards and slowly going up. Make sure no furniture or other items are lying around during the process to avoid any damage.

Clean Your Pergola

Invest in a proper cleanser that can be applied using a brush with bristles that are tough enough to clean your pergola properly. A toothbrush is also a viable alternative for stubborn areas of your outdoor structure that cannot be targeted with a bristle brush. Take good care to remove any splinters of wood or paint that will peel off.

Remove Stains and Mildew

Mildew and stains are something you can’t ignore unless you want to risk spoiling the appearance of your wood pergola. Fasteners used in the pergola could also cause potential staining. If the pergola features corrosion or rust-prone fasteners, they can leave black or dark brown spots on the wood. To remove any sight of mildew, mix a cup of oxygen bleach with a gallon of water. Apply it after washing your pergola thoroughly. Once you see the stains start to lighten, rewash it with soapy water followed by rinsing it thoroughly.

Rinse the Pergola

Finally, once the cleanser has been adequately applied and your pergola clear of all the dirt and debris, you should start rinsing your pergola with a hose. Carefully examine your pergola if any of the areas need any special attention. If there is, repeat the process.

Creative Outdoors Pergolas Adelaide are majestic outdoor structures that deserve your attention. Make sure it looks beautiful all the time by cleaning it the right way. For more tips and tricks on how you can maintain your outdoor structures, visit our website