First Driving Lesson: What to Expect

If you’re taking driving lessons, then we’re proud of you. Not many young drivers acknowledge the value of letting a professional driving instructor train them to become defensive drivers. Since you decided to pay for driving lessons Gold Coast, it means you’re ready to take on the right path to getting that license.

But like most aspiring drivers, you probably don’t know a lot about what goes on in those sessions.  After all, a lot of people don’t bother about the details. They assume that everything would work out fine on its own and go in for lessons.

It’s best to arm yourself with information so you come prepared on your first day. To do that, you have to read the rest of this article. Your instructor will probably do the following:


Instructors are usually professional drivers who have a lot of experience; they know what would work for their students and make the sessions fun yet productive. They’re also responsible for your safety during training, making sure you listen well to everything they say.

Provisional License

You’ll have to fill out a provisional license application and submit it together with your documents so you can get one. You must be honest about the application because lying might cost you later on.

Training Sessions

Your instructor will probably check your car first before taking you for a spin to make sure it’s safe to do so. Depending on who your instructor is, they might ask some questions about the car first, like what kind of model it is or any problems you’ve encountered with it. In most cases, failure to pass this test means that you’d have to prepare better next time if you still want lessons.

Finding an Ideal Location

For driving lessons Gold Coast to be effective, you have to find a suitable location where cars won’t be too close to each other, and there’s little chance of accidentally bumping into someone.

Cockpit Drill

Once you’re in your car, you’ll have to perform the cockpit drill. This will require you to take a few precautions before moving away from the parking spot.  The drill would include steps like checking the blind spot, turning on your signal lights if you’re preparing to make a turn and checking whether there’s traffic behind you.


After the cockpit drill, your instructor will probably ask you to try out a few manoeuvres. They might ask you to turn left and right a couple of times. This is done to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly. Sometimes, this action would be followed by tips on how to best go about it.

Time to Drive

The instructor will probably give you a few minutes to drive on your own after that.  This is an indicator that they think you’re ready for driving by yourself, and so this would be an excellent time to start building your confidence.

After some lessons with the instructor, they might decide to take the driving test on their own. This means that they’d have already provided you with experience in taking actual road tests before you go. You have to follow everything they’ve taught and do the things required for passing the exam and getting that license.