Hardwood Floors and Sanding

Here will outline a couple of the fundamentals of floor sanding, particularly regarding the mechanical process. Floor sanding is a very common, everyday task that many people may not do daily. Unfortunately, there is no real information available about how much it truly adds to the aesthetic value of a room. As with most things, though, floor sanding is best left to professionals for the best results.

Floor Sanding AdelaideFloor sanding from Floor Sanding Adelaide is not the same thing as diamond plate floor sanding. Diamond plate Sanders is typically reserved for use on large pieces of pure diamond. Unfortunately, the detail that the professional floor Sanders can attain is beyond what can be achieved by homeowners. Fireplaces often suck up the loose dust sheets from the floor, so they’re out of sight now, but it’s good to know that they can be found. The grain of the floor Sanders will also vary depending on what brand you buy.

For those who want to do the work themselves (and who have some basic machinery in the garage), floor sanding can be done quite easily. The easiest way to sand hardwoods is with a drum sander. You just put the piece of wood that needs to be sanded inside and start the rotation, all while quickly sanding off any excess dust. This method is also the fastest way to remove any knots from the hardwood floor.

There is another popular method of floor sanding that is becoming more popular with homeowners is floor refinishing. A simple solution to dulling wood flooring that has become quite affordable over the years is a light sanding of the floor followed by a coat of polyurethane or varnish. This process seals the wood and protects it from future staining and fading. Some people even use this finish on stone floors to bring back the shine. It does, however, require more sanding and may require a professional refinishing job if it’s done right.

If you consider either doing the work yourself or getting a professional to do it for you, know that floor sanding and floor refinishing are two very different projects that require two different kinds of machines and materials. Make sure that you have adequate equipment on hand before you take on this work. Also, don’t think that your standard yard mower can do these tasks. Floor sanding requires a different kind of machine and material than floor refinishing. Again, make sure that you have adequate equipment on hand before you do either of these projects.

Floor sanding is best done by Floor Sanding Adelaide, who have the proper tools and equipment to do the job properly and evenly. If you try to do it yourself, you run the risk of scratching and even impeding the smooth flow of movement when the wood is sanded. It results in uneven wood surfaces that will eventually lead to unsightly wear. Trying to do this job yourself can end up costing you a lot more in time and money than it is worth. Instead of doing floor sanding and floor refinishing yourself, invest in a power sander and get started today.