Characteristics of a High-Quality Bale Wrap for Silage

Silage-making is an excellent way of reducing fodder costs if you are raising cattle. For the past years, silage has been considered as an excellent substitute for green forage when summer comes, and drought is rampant. If you’re thinking of making silage for next year’s dry season, you may want to consider using NetWrap Bale Wrap for better results.

Bale WrapFarming experts highly recommend choosing the right type of bale wrapper when you’re making silage. This is because choosing the wrong one could add to your costs instead of reducing them. What are the qualities of a reliable bale wrapper?

  1. Air Tight

You can trust a NetWrap Bale Wrap that allows for airtight wrapping. When you preserve greens for silage, you should make sure no air or extra water gets inside the bale. The reason is that dirty air and water could contaminate the mixture and result in unusable produce. The last thing you want is an entire stack of bales contaminated because you used the wrong baling wrap.

  1. Outdoor Storage

Reliable baling wraps should also be made of durable material that allows you to store your bales outdoors. Many farmers fear outdoor storage because certain weather conditions could affect the quality of silage. However, high-quality bale wraps promise the ability to withstand different temperatures and weather changes.

  1. Compact

The baling wrap that should be used in silage-making is one that could cater to compressing processes. In silaging, farmers squeeze the forage tightly to make sure the greens are preserved as desired. High-quality bale wrappers allow for compact storing. You should avoid wrappers that produce dense bales. Densely-wrapped bales could ruin your plan to leave a good impression on people who visit your farm to either purchase livestock or feature your business on the local news.

  1. Proper Storing

Since high-quality bale wraps compress bales tightly, you don’t have to worry about your storage area running out of space. They also offer a more uniform look and shape that will further help with proper storing. If your storing processes are more organised, you will save time for other responsibilities such as bathing your livestock or feeding them at the right time.

  1. Show Off

If you decide to sell silage or hay aside from using your products to feed your cattle, a uniform baling system will impress your clients. It’s especially true when you deliver the products, and the bales stay in place even if they’re transported miles away from your farm.

Silage-making can be time-consuming if you don’t have the proper tools and processes. Make sure to use only the highest-quality of bale wraps to save time and costs.