Determining If It’s About Time to Sharpen Your Chainsaw

You always have a chainsaw within reach because it is one of the most useful and versatile tools out there. While most people think that it only does one job, which is cutting, numerous benefits and projects can benefit from it. You use the chainsaw for trimming and pruning branches of trees, bushes, for removing stumps, and even in cutting down heavy and large trees.


But no matter how tough a chainsaw might look, it will eventually give in to wear and tear. There eventually will come a time when its chain becomes crooked or dull, to the point that it no longer is safe to use the chainsaw. Keep in mind that the job of cutting or trimming becomes dangerous, inefficient, and tedious when you don’t have a sharp saw.


So, you should acknowledge the fact that even the best chainsaws out there will experience a dull chain, and once that happens to you, you should have a chainsaw chain sharpener – within reach to sharpen your chain. Now your job is to figure out or learn the signs that the chain on your chainsaw needs some honing:



1 – You notice a considerable decline in cutting performance.


Regardless of the size of the chainsaw, its chain can slice and cut through wood with extreme precision and efficiency. But it only will happen if the teeth of the chain are sharp enough since it will take the natural pull of the tool into the wood or other stuff you are cutting. So, if you recently noticed that you are exerting considerable effort to force the machine through the wood, and then you see the chain is spitting out sawdust instead of chips, it means it is time for sharpening.


2 – There is smoke coming out of the chainsaw.


Be reminded that your chainsaw is built and designed to be smooth in operation all the time. The reason why manufacturers make sure of it is that an ineffective cutting machine like a dull chainsaw could spell disaster in the form of damage to property, injury, or even death. There is a modern lubrication system working within the machine, while the tension is adjustable. So, if you notice that there suddenly is smoke coming out of the cut, it means that the teeth are dull, which in turn causes excessive friction and heat inside. When there is smoke, it is a sign for you to grab the chainsaw chain sharpener – and have the chain sharpened immediately.



3 – You always come up with uneven cuts.


Finally, if you are always experiencing rough cuts when using the chainsaw, it is another tell-tale sign that the chain needs sharpening sooner than later. The cause for the rough cuts is dull and jagged teeth. Fortunately, it is a problem you can quickly resolve by sharpening the chain.