Workers Compensation Settlement: Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you found yourself badly injured through a work-related incident, you must know that hiring a lawyer will help you get workers compensation. The thing about getting hurt in the workplace is that you should view it as a loss. Although it is unfortunate, it does not mean you accept it without getting something in return. There are laws in Australia that protect your rights as a worker, and when you get injured, it means you will most likely miss work, put yourself in recovery mode in the hospital, and become unable to make money to feed your family for a considerable time.

So, why hire workers compensation lawyers Darwin in filing a claim? The answer is that your employer or the insurance company will play hardball in handing you out the compensation you deserve. The money you are supposed to get will cover the medical bills as well as your financial losses as a result of missed work, not to mention the suffering caused by the injury. Your employer will pay for the services of a lawyer to try to prove that they weren’t negligent, which means they shouldn’t be liable to pay for your compensation. Therefore, you must have legal representation on your own to fight for your rights.

Sometimes, employers will try to reach out to the injured worker for a settlement. Although it is a good sign that the company is open for negotiations, you shouldn’t try to negotiate without a personal injury lawyer present since you might get tricked into signing a deal or waiver that pays you less than half of what the law classifies as just compensation.

Proving negligence on your employer’s part is no easy feat. While the law is clear on your right for compensation, you cannot take the fight to your employer and the insurance company without a weapon in hand. The weapon comes in the form of a workers compensation attorney. What constitutes work-related injury is the fact that you no longer can function the way you’re supposed to because of an injury. You end up in the hospital recovering, and there is no way you can go back to work at least in the next couple of weeks. Sadly, no employer out there will compensate you willingly and with open arms. They most definitely will argue that your injuries are not a result of their negligence. So, how are you supposed to fight that? Well, the only practical approach is by working with workers compensation lawyers Darwin.

The settlement could be outside of the court or through awarded compensation courtesy of judge in court. Either way, you must receive something fair to cover for the medical expenses, lost wages, as well as the pain and suffering. The money you earn is the one you will also use to pay for the services of a competent lawyer. If you don’t get the compensation as the judge rules in favour of your employer, then you don’t have to pay a single dime to your lawyer.