Why You Should Use Hinged Cabinet Doors Instead of Sliding Doors

Over the years, there has been a debate centred around the use of cabinet doors – should you be using hinged doors or sliding ones? While the safer answer would be, ‘it depends on the preference of the user,’ there’s one variant that has a clear advantage over the other: hinged cabinet doors. If you’re someone who supports sliding cabinet doors, you may not agree on this one. That’s why we present three game-changing benefits of hinged cabinet doors. These benefits will give it the advantage over sliding doors:


Hinged Doors Are Easier to Repair

Have you ever experienced repairing a broken sliding cabinet door? No, and for two reasons: it’s either you don’t own a sliding cabinet in the first place, and two, you tend to get a new one, instead, when it gets broken. Sliding doors are commonly irreparable. That’s not the same for hinged cabinet doors. Cabinets with hinges are much easier to repair because you can see the problem. For sliding door, spotting the problem is next to impossible without putting in some effort. With hinged wardrobes, the problem is easily accessible.


Hinged Cabinet Doors Are Less Susceptible to Breakage & Malfunctions

A cabinet with a hinged door will likely give you years of trouble-free service before it breaks and needs repair or replacement. Modern-day hinges, specially the ones with soft-close mechanism take into consideration durability and convenience during design and construction. That’s why if you have kids at home or you want a product that lasts long, hinged cabinets are the one you need.


Hinged Cabinet Doors Offer Much More Convenience

Unlike sliding cabinets, hinged ones can swing open wide, giving you access to all of your clothes and accessories. This benefit maximises your chance to mix and match all the clothes you have and come up with the best combination. With sliding doors, the view of the inside of your cabinet is only limited. That means the chances of getting the best outfit for a particular occasion gets compromised since you’re not getting full unhindered access to your cabinet. This advantage is also one of the principal reasons why most actors and celebrities prefer hinged cabinets so they can see all of their clothes available at once.



Switch to Hinged Cabinet Doors Now!

If you have cabinets with sliding doors, it’s time you switch them to the more convenient and advantageous hinged doors. It brings more perks to the table and can bring you the ultimate wardrobe experience.