Grinding Tree Stumps

Why don’t trees tell secrets? Because they were reclusive for the most part! However, tree remains are still a major liability and threat. Every day several attorneys are only recently filing liability cases for injuries resulting from tree stumps.


One example is a recent case where a man fell off his apartment’s balcony and sustained serious injuries. Because he was not wearing any protective equipment, the injury resulted in permanent damage to his lower back. The problem? Although the town required railings to prevent falling from the balcony, no railing was provided tree stump removal in Sydney on the ground floor balcony.

Removing tree stumps becomes a liability issue for realtors because they can’t be assessed to their market value before the sale. This means when you grind your customer’s stump, you’re merely replacing an older version with a newer one costing significantly more money. Some states have made it legal to grind, or chip tree remains because the law allows it since the remains have generally “fit” into the landscape. Grinding a stump only constitutes less waste and less mess. However, if the process of grinding a stump to size is not done properly, it can be harmful and can require the services of a professional tree removal company to complete the job correctly.

Some homeowners mistakenly think they can save money by tree stump removal in Sydney by themselves. Even though homeowners might save some money by attempting to remove stumps by themselves, doing so puts both their health and property at risk. Professionals are best suited for this job. Not only will they have the proper equipment, but they will also have all of the appropriate training and experience to perform this task effectively.

When removing tree stumps, it’s important to keep a few important tips in mind. First, it’s always better to hire professionals because they’re more skilled at what they do. Trying to tackle this job on your own is not only risky but could result in further damage to your property. Don’t attempt to chip a tree stump unless you’re a professional tree surgeon and have all of the proper safety equipment. Attempting to remove tree remains without the proper tools and information could result in further injury or even death. Only realtors with the proper expertise should be allowed to deal with this situation.

It’s also important to remember that you shouldn’t simply dig it out-rather, tree stump removal in Sydney and dispose of it properly. Don’t simply grind it down and move on-there are dangers associated with simply grinding away at a tree root. Grinding away at a tree weakens it and exposes it to infections that could weaken its roots. So, if you have a strong tree stump, make sure you remove it carefully, paying close attention to detail and using the proper tools.