Working with the Leading New Home Builder and Other Professionals before Your Purchase

Are you dreaming of buying a brand-spanking new home – one that has not seen its share of marks on the walls hidden by layer upon layer of paint, mismatched appliances and dated carpeting?


If you’re ready to take the plunge and buy the home you have always envisioned, then you need to work with the leading new home builder Adelaide. But first, there are other professionals to consider, as well as their roles, which taken adequately into account, will guarantee you a seamless experience, even if you have already chosen to work with the leading builder.





You don’t have to get your mortgage solution from the builder’s lender. Always consider other lenders, perhaps a credit union or your bank. Your agent may also help you with his private list of lenders. The bottom line is that you need to feel at ease with your lender and trust is equally important. Most rates are pretty similar, so find a lender who is willing to work with you, and you feel comfortable working with him.


Real Estate Lawyer


There are a few vital questions you need to ask a real estate lawyer before you sign that purchase contract. You may not be knowledgeable about the laws in your state, and it may prove later that your agreement, because of the standard language, cannot adequately protect you. The lawyer can explain to you your liability as well as your commitments.


Your cancellation rights can be protected as well, should materials used by the home builder prove to be a health hazard.


Home Inspector


Finally, and most importantly, getting a home inspection is always a smart choice, even when buying new construction. Even new homes have flaws. You should never overlook or neglect to get this done.


It must also be said that you, as the buyer, have a unique role to play, and that is by checking the builder’s reputation.


It is not about some isolated bad experience posted by a buyer on Facebook but checking public records for legal complaints and lawsuits.


Talk to the neighbours and find out about the quality of the construction. Also, ask if the builder is consistent with his building projects or they are delayed for one reason or another.



You also need to find out whether the houses are owner-occupied. You can be sure of the devaluation of your investment if you have tenants for next-door-neighbours; you’d want neighbours who will be just like you – one who has put his dream into a reality by buying a new house.


Working with the leading new home builder Adelaide is a sure way to eliminate having these issues creep into prime real estate in your mind. The leading builder will make sure his reputation is intact at all costs and will never compromise anything for a quick sale. However, for your peace of mind, you must do your due diligence by considering working with the professional mentioned above. Soon enough, you will be moving to your dream home!