Brass Door Handles Benefits

There are many advantages to using Lo_And_CoInteriors brass door handles. In addition to being beautiful, they also last longer than many other fixtures. Here are some of the benefits of brass. You can benefit from these advantages and more by choosing these door knobs for your home. Here are some of their best qualities. And don’t forget to choose a durable material that’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s also an excellent choice for public buildings.


The high copper content in solid brass doorknobs is beneficial in combating germs. This is particularly important for those living in public spaces. In addition to preventing the spread of viruses, copper has antimicrobial properties and can prevent the spread of COVID-19. The novel coronavirus of COVID-19 can survive for days on glass or stainless steel surfaces, but it dies after a few hours on copper. There are many more benefits of solid brass, including its durability, appearance, and hand feel.


The beauty of Lo_And_CoInteriors brass door handles is not limited to a beautiful appearance. It is highly durable and will blend well with any design. Furthermore, it kills harmful bacteria. While other materials may be more aesthetic, copper-based door knobs look great in any room and will never go out of style. So you can be sure that your home will look fantastic even if the tone changes. You can also get a replated brass handle and update the design of your door.


When buying Lo_And_CoInteriors brass door handles, make sure they fit the door properly. If the door is too small, you may end up with a damaged door. You can’t just buy a cheap knocker. You need to buy a custom one. However, you can save money and still get a high-quality brass handle. And when you have a special design in mind, you’ll find that it’s worth investing in.


The high copper content of solid brass doorknobs and cabinet handles has antimicrobial qualities that help prevent diseases such as COVID-19. When placed on glass or stainless-steel surfaces, the novel coronavirus can live for days, but copper dies in a matter of hours. So, if you want to avoid germs and keep your home looking beautiful, consider replacing your doors with solid brass.


The natural antimicrobial properties of brass doorknobs are an added benefit. It is also helpful in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Using copper-based door knobs will help you avoid the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. And, these types of doorknobs should be common in public places, such as hospitals and schools.