Time Management for Cert IV Training and Assessment Students

You have just received your Cert III and are now looking into getting a Cert IV Training and Assessment. You want to be a trainer. You are going to be in the big league!


Enrolling in Cert IV Training and Assessment will require so much of your time that it is best for you to get started to work on several facets of self-improvement and a very vital one to learn is time management. Let’s face it; aside from the schooling, there’s your family life, social life and everything in between – there will be a high demand for your time! It brings us to the point why it is crucial for you to learn the science or art if you would have it, of time management!


So, how do you characterise a person who knows time management? It is the person who can get more work done while still enjoying leisurely activities. After all, no one wants to keep working and not be able to enjoy the fruits of his labour.


There is a tipping point and finding it can be learned and applied to your life. Your professional career is important, but equally important are activities that stimulate the mind and body. Your career will always take the chunk of your schedule, that’s a fact, but it essential to relax and unwind as well.



Here are a few smart and easy techniques to improve your time management skills.


  1. Learn the art of prioritising


Prioritise and put in more time doing things that help you grow. Soon you’ll notice how much time you’re saving and using wisely. So, if you find yourself overloaded with tasks, the first thing to do is organise them. At first glance, you might think everything is all important and urgent, but in reality, you can put them in order of priority. Start listing the tasks, first are the ones that have urgency, while those that you can do later stay at the bottom of your list.


Cross them off as you accomplish each one. This simple act can give you a sense of accomplishment — how’s that for motivation!


  1. It’s Perfectly OK to Say “NO”


Your friends are planning to go out for a drink, but you have heaps of stuff to do. Instead of stressing on how you’re going to fit everything into your schedule, when you clearly can’t afford to at the moment, say no.


  1. Track the Time You Spend on Each Task


In any line of work, some tasks may demand your full attention. It is easy to lose your sense of time, but remember that you’ll end up suffering the consequences. Soon enough, you will be rushing to accomplish a heap of tasks.

You will never start managing your time wisely if you can’t even keep track of time!

Use your wristwatch, the wall clock, or the time displayed on your screen’s clock.


Let’s face it; effective time management is not an easy task, and you’ll find out the truth in this when you enrol in Cert IV Training and Assessment. That’s why it’s essential to learn the tips and tricks of improving your time management skills.


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