Vehicle Maintenance Tasks You Can Do on Your Own

Most vehicle owners embrace an intelligent approach to vehicle maintenance and repair. There is no blaming you should you choose to go to your ever-reliable Mercedes service Adelaide when it comes to regular servicing and preventive maintenance of your car. You want nothing but the best for it, which is why you do not even contemplate on going somewhere else. However, you must acknowledge that there are maintenance tasks you can learn to do on your own so that you not only end up saving money and effort, but you also learn a thing or two about taking care of your investment.

So, if you want to be in the know in terms of doing the simple maintenance jobs, then this article is perfect for you.

1 – Air Filter Maintenance and Replacement

The first and arguably most straightforward maintenance task is cleaning and replacing the air filter. Keep in mind that the ideal time to replace it is a year or once you reach 12,000 miles. Yes, you have the liberty to pay for a mechanic to do the replacement, but if you learn how to perform it on your own, you will be amazed that it only takes about ten minutes and minimal effort.

2 – Windshield Wiper Maintenance

It only will take you about 15 minutes to finish the job of installing a new set of wiper blades. The reason why auto parts shops offer free installation on marketing schemes for their sale on wiper blades is that the job is something everyone can perform without expert skills. Keep in mind that you need a new wiper blade after a year. Although the setup of the windshield wiper will vary from one car to another, the reality is that you can conveniently search the web to get step-by-step or even video instructions for your vehicle’s make and model.

3 – Spark Plugs

Indeed, replacing the spark plugs is not as straightforward as replacing a filter or windshield wiper. If you are not confident you can do it the first time, then there always is the safe option of going to your local Mercedes service Adelaide so that an expert mechanic can do it for you. But if you are willing to take on the challenge, then you should know that this job is easy to learn. It will cost you about 30 minutes of work, and you must get a hold of a socket wrench or ratchet. Most modern cars need spark plug replacement after 30,000 miles, but it is safe for you to read the owner’s manual to be sure.

Once you successfully do the maintenance tasks the first time, you will realise that it is a simple maintenance task. You may even feel you can find something more in maintaining your vehicle without the need to call a mechanic or check out their website here.