Physiotherapy: What Is It and Where Can You Find One in Beverly?

Having a healthy and healthy life does not mean being free of any disease. It’s also about having the opportunity to be able to move and function to its full potential. This article talks about the basic things you need to know about getting physical therapy from the #1 Physio in Beverly.


What is this type of therapy about? 

  1. Physical therapy focuses on helping people achieve well-being by promoting physical activity and active mobility. This field is based on a solid scientific foundation and offers a holistic approach that could be provided by licensed and qualified physiotherapists.
  2. It has preventive, restorative and rehabilitative functions.
  3. When it comes to being preventive, it aims to help a person prevent injuries, illnesses and disabilities. For example, a fit athlete can hire one to find out about the most effective ways to execute exercises. A working woman can also ask for help with the best stretching moves to prevent lower back pain from her new desk job.
  4. In terms of restoration, it can help patients recover from mobility problems caused by acute or chronic conditions. They are given treatment programs and regimens that could allow them to regain their duties.
  5. On the subject of rehabilitation, the goal is to bring a patient back to their productive and independent state after acquiring problems that cause disabilities. Several therapeutic exercises are provided so that a person can overcome the limitation.
  6. In cases where recovery is no longer possible, patients are cared for by helping them to make the most of their remaining function. Psychological support is also provided.

How can you find the #1 physio in Beverly

  1. Ask your family and friends if they have referrals for physical therapists or physiotherapy clinics they know. Working with those you are familiar with allows you to get some feedback regarding the quality of the services.
  2. You can also search the internet or the yellow pages of your local phone book for nearby professionals.
  3. Review the credentials to find out if they are licensed. This determines that they have completed all necessary educational and training requirements.
  4. Choose those who have had at least one year of experience. This gives you a sense of confidence about how you deal with different customers.
  5. Seek medical clearance from your doctor regarding appropriate types of therapeutic approaches to your condition. It helps if your doctor and physical therapist could help each other.
  6. The #1 physio in Beverly can definitely help you achieve your optimal health and well-being. Make sure he or she is someone who you would be comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to communicate your own health goals so that an effective and more personalised therapeutic regimen can be planned.