5 Common Signs that You Need Orthotics

You might know them as insoles, footbeds, inserts; but they’re more commonly known as orthotics. But regardless of what you call them, it’s essential to know that not all people have perfect feet. That’s also the reason why almost anyone can benefit from custom orthotics Adelaide. It’s something that can help more people than any other type of shoe insert. With that said, continue reading and learn the five common signs that you need custom orthotics:

You’re Standing for More than Five Hours Every Day

Orthotics AdelaideStanding on your feet for hours on end can potentially cause injuries like plantar fasciitis, a condition that happens when your plantar fascia is damaged. The plantar fascia is a ligament on your feet that extends from your heel and all the way to your toes on. Fortunately, custom orthotics can help relieve the pain and stress that you place on it from standing all day long.

Your Shoes are Starting to Wear

Take a good look at the tread on your shoes. While many of our soles are already worn down, wearing your shoe’s tread more on one side than the other can be a clear sign that your foot is starting to roll inward, something that’s also called pronating. In other cases, it can even roll outward, call pronating. Fortunately, custom orthotics Adelaide can help with foot pronation and supination problems.

You Either Have No Arch or High-Arching Feet

If your feet possess very low or high arches, a regular pair of shoes may not be able to provide your feet with the necessary support that they need. Custom orthotics can help with some much-needed support – something that your regular shoes aren’t able to provide.

You Have Severe Foot Pain

While this may sound apparent, many people are trying to avoid dealing with their feet pain. Instead of blaming their bad habits of wearing the wrong shoes, they put all of the blame on wearing high heels or other uncomfortable shoes. Foot or heel pain that occurs in the morning is a common sign of plantar fasciitis. You can remedy that with custom orthotics Adelaide.

You Just Injured Your Lower Limb

Did you recently suffer an injury to your hip, leg, knee, or ankle? If so, then it could potentially be affecting the pressure that you put on your feet. As a result, this can affect the way you walk. Fortunately, custom orthotics can help correct the way you walk.