The Advantages of a Portable Handheld Lux Light Meter over a Built-In Version

In our previous article, we discussed the importance and relevance of using a light meter for photography and cinematography. Light meters are useful for calibrating the amount of light that you want for a particular shoot and can also prove relevant to use for different lighting applications. However, what we didn’t discuss on that article is whether a handheld version is better than a built-in one. In this article, we’re going to continue the discussion by showing the advantages of using a portable Lux light meter over the built-in version:


The Issue with Reflected Light Metering Method


With built-in meters, you’re never sure that you have the correct exposure. Every built-in light meter measure light based on reflectance. All camera systems are hard-wired and programmed to look at everything as if it’s middle-grey. That means a black surface which doesn’t reflect any light is going to be treated differently from something like a white or transparent surface which reflects all the light that falls on it. When the camera focuses on a predominantly black scene, it increases exposure.


The solution to this problem is by using a technique or tool that assesses the incident light that falls on a surface and not the light that reflects off it. That method eliminates the problems of metering for the whole scene. But now, how do you precisely meter for incident light when built-in light meters on cameras such as a DSLR don’t have an option to do it?


The Handheld Lux Light Meter to the Rescue


This situation is where the handheld or external, the light meter comes in handy. The handheld light meter is a convenient and essential tool that allows you to meter the incident light and not the reflected one. This feature is something that built-in light meters cannot do. Also, it’s far more accurate since it only considers a single degree of the frame. Usually, spot metering is the preferred mode when it comes to selective measurement of a scene. Built-in meters sample a much larger area depending on the lens you’re using. This inconvenience makes them less precise.



That factor alone is already more than enough reason to say that the handheld Lux light meter is more beneficial that built-in versions. If you’re looking for a handheld light meter right now, look no further than Instrument Choice. We have all the best light meters that you need for your photography and cinematography projects. Shop now when you visit our official website.