The Benefits of Using a Sports Physio AdelaideService

Do you need a Kinetic-Rehabilitation sports physiotherapist in Adelaide? If so, here are some of the services that this profession provides. Physical rehabilitation plays an essential part in the successful completion of sports related injuries rehabilitation, but it’s just as important for the psychological aspects of the sport as well. Physiotherapists receive specialized training and skills in assessing an individual’s physical needs and working with them to develop a realistic and positive mindset. As such, being a sports physio Adelaide means being able to offer the following services:


Physical therapy is one of the most important services provided by a professional physiotherapist. This type of therapy is focused on rehabilitation and exercise programs in order to help improve movement, function, muscle strength and endurance. Many people suffer from a variety of sports-related injuries, but if they make a concerted effort to get back to playing sports in their early to mid stages, the odds of successful rehabilitation increase dramatically. Injuries can range from sprains, strains, fractures, cartilage damage and breaks to the knee. The goal of physical therapy is to alleviate the pain, improve range of motion, rehabilitate from injury, and build strength and fitness.


Sports injury rehabilitation is a very important aspect of physiotherapy in Adelaide. This type of program focuses on addressing the physical needs after an injury has occurred, focusing on ways to return injured individuals to full activity as quickly as possible. A Kinetic-Rehabilitation sports physiotherapist in Adelaide can offer the following services: orthopedic treatment including physical therapy and rehabilitation; comprehensive treatment to address any underlying medical conditions; orthopaedic management of patients with musculoskeletal issues and related injuries; assessment and implementation of an effective post-operative protocol; and the provision of specialist exercise equipment for use during rehabilitation. In addition, professional sports chiropractors and physical therapy professionals can provide additional services to patients with sports-related injuries.


The goal of therapeutic exercise is to reduce the amount of pain and improve the patient’s performance. Kinetic-Rehabilitation sports physio Adelaide is a good example of an exercise system that can be used to treat various injuries, such as those resulting from playing sports. The most common injuries are those to the lower limbs. The purpose of this type of therapy is to reduce pain, improve flexibility and strength, while conditioning the muscles so that they become less likely to be injured again.


The types of treatment offered vary according to the location and severity of the injury. For example, some physical therapists may use ultrasound therapy, which uses sound waves to stimulate the tissues to re-grow. Massage therapies are also commonly used to reduce pain and improve range of movement. Other methods include laser therapy, which uses light energy to reduce inflammation, and hot packs and ice packs to apply heat to decrease swelling.


Injuries can result from strenuous exercise or other forms of activity. Playing sports is often a strenuous activity. This is why it is important to seek the advice of a professional Kinetic-Rehabilitation sports physiotherapist to prevent further injury or damage if there is an injury to the lower limb. They can provide specific instruction in physical therapy, exercise, and rehabilitation exercises that can help reduce the risk of sports injuries, increase your ability to participate in sporting activities again and reduce your pain and suffering.