Top 6 Basic Lawn Mowing Adelaide Tips to Make Sure Your Lawn Doesn’t Suffer

As simple a task as mowing may be, many homeowners tend to get it wrong. There’s more to cutting grass than what meets the eye. That’s why we bring you the top six basic lawn mowing Adelaide tips to make sure your lawn doesn’t suffer any longer and make sure that it’s completely healthy.

1.) Avoid Lawn Scalping

Lawn scalping is when you cut your grass too thinly that the soil is exposed. Avoid doing this as it will dry up the soil quickly and kill off your lawn grass.

2.) Sharpen Your Mower Blade

There’s a vast difference between cutting or tearing the grass. If you cut with a dull blade, you’ll be doing the latter and damage your lawn grass. That’s why you should make sure that you sharpen your mower blade to ensure a more beautiful cut that doesn’t hinder the health of your lawn grass.

3.) Shady Mowing

Keep in mind that lawns growing in shady areas tend to benefit from a higher mowing height. Longer grass blades have better surface area for photosynthesis to kick in naturally.

4.) Mow when Your Grass is Dry

There’s nothing wrong with mowing a wet lawn but the downside is that it doesn’t yield the best results. At the same time, wet grass can also fill and clog your mower deck. As you can imagine, mowing on damp grass if fine, but it has the potential to go wrong right away. So make sure you won’t have any problems on your lawn mowing Adelaide duties by cutting dry grass instead.

5.) Mow in Shade

One thing that we’re sure you haven’t noticed is that mowing causes a lot of stress to your grass. So if you mow during the heat of the day, imagine what it can do to the health of your lawn. We’re not saying you should mow at night. But make sure you do your mowing when the sun’s heat isn’t gleaming down on your lawn.



6.) Mowing Pattern

Have you ever watched a cartoon show where it featured mowing in the same direction all the time? If so, then you shouldn’t do that. Avoid mowing in the same direction or pattern every time you mow your lawn. When you do this, you’ll risk compacting soil, which creates ruts. Compacted soil and ruts can lead to unhealthy lawn grass, which features unwanted weeds that thrive in compacted soil.

By following this six basic lawn mowing Adelaide tips, you can ensure that your lawn grass will stay healthy and out of trouble. For more gardening tips, sign up to get weekly articles sent to your email.