Normus Homes Launches New Signature and Luxe Collections

In 1991, Normus Homes was an Australian home builder specialising in single-family custom homes. Normus has been providing customised homes in the greater Sydney area since its inception. The company provides a dedicated consultant for each project and detailed builder and finishes schedules. So whether you are a growing family or an empty nester, a Normus Home is a perfect fit. The home is designed to suit your unique site characteristics and zoning requirements.

Normus Homes

Normus Homes is celebrating 30 years in business and is giving clients a birthday present to celebrate this milestone. The company has released its first Display Homes Collection, including a new Signature and Luxe design. With the addition of two new designs, Normus is enhancing its reputation as a premium custom home builder. By taking the time to carefully select materials, architects and designers can create custom-designed homes that are both accessible and beautiful.

The latest addition to the Normus Homes range is launching a new flagship display home, The Signature, in Tranmere, South Australia. Both signature designs showcase the quality and style of Normus’ homes. Master Builders South Australia was also recognised as the award-winning company for medium-density dwellings in 2021. So whether you’re looking for a single-level luxury home or a multi-level family house, a Normus home can meet your needs.

During the past 30 years, Normus Homes has built more than 3,000 homes and forged a reputation for superior quality and service. Normus Homes’ latest flagship display homes, The Signature and Luxe, are a great way to see their constructions’ high quality and craftsmanship. In addition, the brand is a Master Builders South Australia award winner for medium-density dwellings in 2021. And it is only natural that this company would be able to maintain this reputation for excellence for the next thirty years.

James Michael Homes is a family-owned business in the Melbourne area. They specialise in designing and building modern and traditional home designs. The company’s head designer, James Rippon, integrates each client’s lifestyle and existing allotment with their ideas. Using the natural elements of sunlight and cooling ventilation, the team creates custom-designed homes to meet their clients’ needs. As a result, they can create custom homes based on their clients’ dreams and lifestyles.

A Normus home is built to suit your lifestyle. Each home is unique and designed to suit your lifestyle. It is created to reflect your personality and reflect your lifestyle. During the construction of your home, the team will integrate all of your ideas into your allotment, blending them with the existing landscape. A Normus home reflects your personality. All of them are carefully crafted to ensure a comfortable and beautiful life.