How Do You Give Thank You Gifts for Baby Shower?

One of the best ways you can do to show how much you appreciate the efforts your friends, workmates or colleagues have done together to throw you a baby shower is giving thank you gifts. Organising a baby shower requires a lot of time and energy; thus surely, those people invest too much effort to make the occasion successful. Although thanking them is good, giving a gift as a token of appreciation will surely touch deep to their heart. Undoubtedly, you will be thanking them personally, but nothing can compare to the joy they will feel if the mom will send a special note to thank everyone who organised and attended the event including each guest who has given a gift or sent a card. There is no need to send a high and long letter to show your appreciation; even a short personal note is enough to warm the hearts of the people you want to thank.



In this guide, we give you some of the things you should do and shouldn’t do when it comes to handing out thank you gifts for baby shower.


1 – It is necessary to send the thank you notes as soon as possible three to four days after the baby shower to your hosts and guests.


2 – Take note not to send out some generic thank you notes or ‘goody bag’ right at the end of your baby shower. Although it is a great idea, you must understand that you also need to send a heartfelt gift or thank you note.


3 – Even if you are sending pre-printed cards, it will always be nice to hand-write each person’s name on it together with your message to them like thanking them for their gift and attending your event.


4 – Always make sure not to write any negative or critical messages on thank you gifts for baby shower. Even though you don’t like the gift they give, you have to be tactful. Always appreciate the person’s thoughtfulness rather than criticising it.



5 – When writing a thank you card, it is not necessary to mention what they have given to you. Simply writing ‘thank you for your kind gift’ is already enough to show how grateful you are.


6 – Make sure that when writing a thank you card, don’t make it as if you can exchange a gift because that is a conversation that should happen in person or can be talked about over the phone. Remember that the main purpose of your thank you note is to show appreciation and nothing else.


7 – Like what school taught us, ensure that you use proper and personal language in your letter. The best way to start the note is by writing dear ‘Name’ then proceed writing your message with some affectionate words such as ‘warm regards’ or ‘love from’ are some examples.


There is no need to make the thank you note too formal or impersonal since the main reason for you giving it is thanking them. Instead of using computer-printed letter, use some pretty notepaper or small-sized card.